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Video Roundup: Lindsey Stirling, Kaizo Trap, and Rocket Jump

I haven’t done one of these in a while–possibly because it’s the lazy blogging option and I feel bad doing it too often–but I do have a few cool videos I wanted to point out. First off is one of … Continue reading

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Legends of Tomorrow for a Fun Cheesy Adventure

  Genre: Superhero/Sci-fi Synopsis: A pseudo-Time Lord from the future assembles a team of heroes to kill a man before he destroys the future.

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The Magicians, and the Desperation of Wanting Some Unknown Something Out of Life

Genre: Urban Fantasy Synopsis: Quentin’s not living the life he wants, and something about the fictional world in a particular fantasy series has captivated him all his life. Meanwhile, his best friend Julia is ready to get on with life, … Continue reading

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Ancillary Justice, and Its Thought-Provoking Details

  Genre: Sci-fi Synopsis: Breq is a woman who used to be a spaceship that also controlled multiple human bodies. Now, only one body remains, everything else about her destroyed. She has only one purpose left to her: to kill … Continue reading

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