Video Roundup: Lindsey Stirling, Kaizo Trap, and Rocket Jump

I haven’t done one of these in a while–possibly because it’s the lazy blogging option and I feel bad doing it too often–but I do have a few cool videos I wanted to point out.

First off is one of Lindsey Stirling’s music videos–she’s a violinist who does a lot of cool, SFF/geeky-themed videos. For example, she’s done Dragon Age, Skyrim, and Lord of the Rings. The music videos for her own original work tend to be engaging as well, such as the steampunk/Western-themed Roundtable Rival. Continue reading “Video Roundup: Lindsey Stirling, Kaizo Trap, and Rocket Jump”


The Magicians, and the Desperation of Wanting Some Unknown Something Out of Life

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Genre: Urban Fantasy

Synopsis: Quentin’s not living the life he wants, and something about the fictional world in a particular fantasy series has captivated him all his life. Meanwhile, his best friend Julia is ready to get on with life, in a graduate program at Yale. Then both of them mysteriously find themselves in another University, taking an admission exam that tests their magic. Quentin passes, and Julia fails. Continue reading “The Magicians, and the Desperation of Wanting Some Unknown Something Out of Life”

Ancillary Justice, and Its Thought-Provoking Details


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Genre: Sci-fi

Synopsis: Breq is a woman who used to be a spaceship that also controlled multiple human bodies. Now, only one body remains, everything else about her destroyed. She has only one purpose left to her: to kill the one responsible for what happened to her and to her former captain. The problem being, of course, that her practically immortal enemy is in control of countless bodies and a galactic empire. And there’s only one of Breq left. Continue reading “Ancillary Justice, and Its Thought-Provoking Details”