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An eye overlooking a dark forest. Text reads "A short story in the world of Terrestrial Magic. Ambush Predators. Marina Ermakova."

Ambush Predators is available as a free digital download. Some, but not all, stores also offer it for free.

Digital download here.

Store links here.

Mythical carnivores that prey on humans…and the researchers who study them.

New graduate student Jordan begins her first field expedition to study Italy’s legendary animals, under the supervision of her mentor Gabriela. But being on the frontlines of discovery with these mysterious, dangerous animals comes with risks. Will Jordan learn to survive the local Roman monsters? Or will she join the countless others who’ve lost their lives to this unexplained legendary infestation?

This short story is set in the world of Terrestrial Magic.

The Terrestrial Magic/Jordan Sanders series:

  1. Terrestrial Magic
  2. Natural Sorcery
  3. Coming soon

The Elixary of the Evanescent Market is a short story published on Podcastle in both written and audio formats. It’s an adventure fantasy about a girl protecting her potion shop. 

Available at Podcastle here

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