Legends of Tomorrow for a Fun Cheesy Adventure


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Genre: Superhero/Sci-fi

Synopsis: A pseudo-Time Lord from the future assembles a team of heroes to kill a man before he destroys the future.

Series: First season is airing.

I’ve Watched: Episodes 1-4.

Verdict: So cheesy, but an enjoyable kind of cheesy.

Ultimately, you don’t watch Legends of Tomorrow for the quality so much as you do for the fun. Because it does have charm. Yes, it’s impossible to take anything about it seriously. No, none of the plot points make sense. Yes, the characters’ problems are dealt with in an overly simplistic manner. But all that comes off as less of a mistake and more of deliberate stylistic choice. 

Legends of Tomorrow isn’t about dwelling on nuances of character, or making the plot make sense. It’s about having fun with a bunch of adventurers. It’s all about skipping the realism to get to the adventure.

Seriously, I could nitpick this show to death. For instance:

  • There’s the two eternally reincarnated lovers, who were killed by a jealous rival.
  • I don’t even know what is going on with Firestorm–body/mind merging?
  • When our resident not-a-Time-Lord (who, in a stoke of genius, is played by a former companion of an actual Time Lord) goes to pick up everyone in his team, he knocks them all out with a future-style gun and kidnaps them all, because that seems like a great recruitment strategy.
  • Post-abduction, they all start waking up at the exact same time, which makes no sense.
  • Hunter really didn’t give these guys enough information to make a decision before tossing them an ultimatum, which makes any decisions made by the characters at that juncture unsatisfactory.

That’s just the first part of the first episode. This kind of nonsense continues. But it’s there for a reason, which is to keep the feel of the show on track. Legends of Tomorrow doesn’t want to be too serious. It doesn’t want to pretend that its plot makes sense, or that the technical details are based on reality. It’s just here for the swashbuckling fun.

And it works. It has enough life in it to pull this off. You can laugh at the plot holes, but that isn’t frustrating, because they’re there on purpose. And you can get swept up in the adventure. Because the character of the show is ultimately likable.

The characters themselves are even likable, and–despite the show’s style–never feel like they’re oversimplified. Because while Legends of Tomorrow likes to fast-forward on its character development and conflict resolution, it still manages to highlight the main point of what it’s doing. It skips the full development, but still shows us the heart of the matter.

Combined, I’m interested enough to keep watching. I don’t love the show, and I don’t find it intellectually stimulating. But I do have a growing fondness for it.


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