Terrestrial Magic

An image of three covers with a woman on them. Text reads "Terrestrial Magic, Natural Sorcery, Predator Power, Marina Ermakova"

Terrestrial Magic (Jordan Sanders, #1) is an urban fantasy/post-apocalyptic fantasy:

Most sensible people avoid fire-breathing carnivores that prey on humans. But Jordan has built a career out of studying such legendary animals, creatures thought mythological until their reemergence in the world three decades ago. She and researchers like her believe that knowledge is the key to reclaiming the land they’d lost back then, when humanity retreated into designated safety zones.

But when the humans moved out, the legends moved in.

They were the descendants of mythical heroes, inheriting the powers of their ancestors, and they weren’t afraid of the monsters. Jordan never expected to run into a legend, but when a field expedition turns into a trap for her team, she realizes that one deliberately tried to kill her. It’s a diplomatic nightmare the Roman authorities might happily sweep under the rug. But if Jordan doesn’t figure out who attacked her and why, they could try again. Yet even if she does solve the mystery, what could one stubborn scientist possibly do to stop a powerful legend?

Chapter One

The Jordan Sanders series:

  1. Terrestrial Magic
  2. Natural Sorcery
  3. Predatory Power

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