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Sweep of the Blade: Badass Single Mother Integrates into Space Vampire Society

  Genre: Urban fantasy/sci-fi/romance Synopsis: Maud was born into an Innkeeper family, and taught the customs of the varied alien races who used the inn as a waystation—or a safe house. But she left her family to marry a vampire, entering a … Continue reading

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Critical Role Campaign 2: A Bunch of Loners Starting to Open Up, and a Sweet Wizard/Rogue Friendship

Genre: Fantasy RPG Synopsis: An assorted group of adventurers meet, solve a zombie crime, and decide to keep traveling together. But they don’t all want the same things, and trust is hard to build. Will they be able to find some common … Continue reading

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Beauty and the Beast: This is the Wrong Story for Belle and the Beast

Genre: Fairy Tale Retelling Synopsis: A prince is cursed to become a beast for an act of unkindness. He can only be redeemed if someone falls in love with him. Enter Belle, an educated young woman unsatisfied with her life, and … Continue reading

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Down Among the Sticks and Bones: The Broken Bond Between Two Sisters

Genre: Contemporary Fantasy/ YA Fantasy Synopsis: Jack and Jill are twins, two young girls suffocating under the strain of living their parents’ expectations. Then they walk through a portal into a world of monsters and mad science, a dark, dangerous … Continue reading

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Comment on American Gods, a Strange and Violent Contemporary Fantasy

I could’ve sworn I’d written a post on American Gods back when I watched the first two episodes of it, but I can’t find any evidence of that post existing. So I guess I never actually did it? I didn’t … Continue reading

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Terrestrial Magic Goes Live

I maybe, kinda, sorta am posting an urban fantasy/post-apocalyptic web serial online. So…surprise? The first chapter has just gone up, it will post on Thursdays, and here’s the premise: Most sensible people avoid fire-breathing carnivores that prey on humans. But … Continue reading

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Black Panther: A Futuristic Wakanda Inspired by African Cultures, Tackling Responsibility

This was a great movie that paired Marvel’s style of adventure and humor with a fresh feeling. The setting and costumes were absolutely gorgeous, blending a futuristic/sci-fi feel and inspiration from numerous African cultures for its aesthetic–from the Maasai people … Continue reading

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The Gifted: An X-Men Series Embracing the Mantle of An Embattled Minority

Synopsis: The Struckers live in a world where mutants are heavily policed in the interests of public safety. Like most people, they never really think about it–not even the father, whose job is to prosecute mutants for using their powers. … Continue reading

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Sense8 2: Psychic Espionage, Fighting Back, and Finding Acceptance

Genre: Sci-fi Synopsis: Eight people all born on the same day are able to communicate across great distances and access each others’ skills–they are a cluster of sensates, sharing a psychic link. A powerful organization hunts them, using their own … Continue reading

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New Campaign for Critical Role Off to an Exciting Start

Genre: Fantasy RPG Synopsis: An assorted group of adventures meet, set out to have a good time at a carnival…only for trouble to find them.

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