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The Handmaid’s Tale Presents a Disturbing Dystopian Society

Genre: Dystopia Synopsis: June used to have a family and a life, until an extremist government took over. They renamed her, and as one of the few remaining fertile women, assigned her to be a Handmaid–given to an elite household … Continue reading

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A Series of Unfortunate Events has a Charismatic Charm

Genre: Adventure/comedy Synopsis: Three siblings, the Baudelaires, suddenly find themselves orphans. They’re sent to live with a nearby relative, Count Olaf–who, it turns out, only wants their money. He puts them in poor living conditions, uses them as servants, and abuses … Continue reading

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Orphan Black Season 4: Bringing the past to life

Genre: Sci-fi/thriller Synopsis: S1: Grifter Sarah Manning happens to meet a woman who looks exactly like her in a train station, right before the woman commits suicide. Naturally, Sarah uses the opportunity to take her identify and steal all her … Continue reading

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Hilarious Trailers: Goblin Is Incredibly Honest About Its Supernatural Romance Tropes

I had to share this, because I don’t think I’ve ever seen a trailer be this upfront about what it wants to do (although of course, everyone knows.) (Note: This is not a commentary on the show itself, as I haven’t … Continue reading

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Agents of SHIELD S4-1: A Bit Slow, but Setting Up Future Excitement (Especially with the Awesome New Ghost Rider)

Genre: Action/Superhero Synopsis: S1: Agent Coulson is somehow mysteriously alive after dying during the Avengers crisis, and he’s putting together his own team now. It should be business as usual, but gradually the secrets within SHIELD catch up with Coulson, … Continue reading

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Belated Pilot Reviews: Frequency and Falling Water

Frequency Genre: Mystery/Sci-fi Synopsis: Detective Raimy Sullivan grew up knowing her father had been an undercover cop who went bad, and then got himself killed. Until his old ham radio in her garage somehow puts her in contact with the him from twenty years … Continue reading

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We Don’t Live in a Homogenous World: List of 10 Science Fiction/Fantasy Works

There are plenty of authors from underrepresented groups writing fantastic science fiction and fantasy, and they’re equally deserving of publicity and support. It’s also important to remember that media can be powerful. It influences how we view the world, and … Continue reading

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Luke Cage, and Its Dedicated Focus on Characterization

Genre: Superhero Synopsis: Luke Cage is an escaped convict who was falsely accused, lying low and hiding his superpowers. But the man who’s giving him a job is deeply concerned with the inhabitants of Harlem, and when he runs afoul of a … Continue reading

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Pilot Season: Timeless Has Interesting Concepts, but Doesn’t Go Deep Enough

  Genre: Sci-fi Synopsis: A private company builds a time machine, which is promptly hijacked by criminals attempting to change the history of America. To stop them, history professor Lucy, soldier Wyatt, and engineer Rufus are sent back as well. Series: … Continue reading

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Stranger Things: A Pervasive Sense of Mystery, and the Desperation Behind Not Knowing What Went Wrong

Genre: Mystery/Supernatural Synopsis: A boy goes missing in a small town, leaving behind few clues as to what happened to him. As his family shoulders the weight his inexplicable disappearance, strange things start happening. His mother come across hints of something … Continue reading

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