BookCon and Stream of Annihilation

So this weekend was packed for me, between attending panels at BookCon and trying to catch some of the one-shot DnD games played at Stream of Annihilation.


My favorite panel had to be Holly Black (The Coldest Girl in Coldtown) and Leigh Bardugo (Six of Crows). Not only have I recently read great books by both, but they were a lot of fun, especially together. Aside from the hilarious personal stories they shared, some standout moments included: Continue reading “BookCon and Stream of Annihilation”

Miscellaneous Things of Interest, from Sci-fi to Giving Back

Mass Effect: Andromeda – This game is coming out tomorrow, and I’m super excited. Hopefully, I’ll get a playthrough done in time to post about it next week. I’ve managed to remain surprisingly unspoiled so far–all I know is, it’s set after the Mass Effect trilogy and thus detached from the action of the previous games, and it’s a Bioware style RPG in a sci-fi setting. I haven’t so much as looked at a trailer, don’t know how many companions are recruit-able, and don’t even know the plot. So the discovery process should be interesting. Continue reading “Miscellaneous Things of Interest, from Sci-fi to Giving Back”

Critical Role: Changing Party Dynamics and Uber-Powerful Spells

Genre: Fantasy RPG

Synopsis: A party of adventures called Vox Machina must make their way through a changing world, facing ever more powerful enemies and their own personal demons. The story is brought to life by a cast of professional voice actors, and the ever-present chance that bad planning or bad dice rolling will end that journey forever. Continue reading “Critical Role: Changing Party Dynamics and Uber-Powerful Spells”

Critical Role: Shaking Up the Status Quo and Internal Struggles


Borrowed from

Genre: Fantasy RPG

Synopsis: A group of professional voice actors play Dungeons and Dragons, forming a party of adventurers. The party is currently embroiled in a conflict against an enemy from Percy’s past, a devious, cruel, and powerful couple who’d killed his family. Percy must face them even as they influence all of the people around him and his friends…while trying not to lose himself in the process. Continue reading “Critical Role: Shaking Up the Status Quo and Internal Struggles”

Roundup: Istas and Ryan stories, Spellslingers, Civ 5

Istas and Ryan: “Red as Snow”, “Black as Blood”, “White as a Raven’s Wing”

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Genre: Urban Fantasy

Synopsis: Istas and Ryan are an odd couple, and it’s easier to make it work when they don’t have to deal with their families. Though at least Ryan is close to his–Istas comes from a brutal people, and when her family gets involved, violence and death tends to follow… Continue reading “Roundup: Istas and Ryan stories, Spellslingers, Civ 5”