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New Campaign for Critical Role Off to an Exciting Start

Genre: Fantasy RPG Synopsis: An assorted group of adventures meet, set out to have a good time at a carnival…only for trouble to find them. Advertisements

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BookCon and Stream of Annihilation

So this weekend was packed for me, between attending panels at BookCon and trying to catch some of the one-shot DnD games played at Stream of Annihilation. BookCon My favorite panel had to be Holly Black (The Coldest Girl in … Continue reading

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Round Up: Simple Biologist and Board Games

Simple Biologist: A scientist puts out videos explaining the main concepts in papers put out by researchers.

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Miscellaneous Things of Interest, from Sci-fi to Giving Back

Mass Effect: Andromeda – This game is coming out tomorrow, and I’m super excited. Hopefully, I’ll get a playthrough done in time to post about it next week. I’ve managed to remain surprisingly unspoiled so far–all I know is, it’s … Continue reading

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Critical Role: Changing Party Dynamics and Uber-Powerful Spells

Genre: Fantasy RPG Synopsis: A party of adventures called Vox Machina must make their way through a changing world, facing ever more powerful enemies and their own personal demons. The story is brought to life by a cast of professional voice … Continue reading

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Critical Role: Shaking Up the Status Quo and Internal Struggles

  Genre: Fantasy RPG Synopsis: A group of professional voice actors play Dungeons and Dragons, forming a party of adventurers. The party is currently embroiled in a conflict against an enemy from Percy’s past, a devious, cruel, and powerful couple … Continue reading

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Roundup: Istas and Ryan stories, Spellslingers, Civ 5

Istas and Ryan: “Red as Snow”, “Black as Blood”, “White as a Raven’s Wing” Genre: Urban Fantasy Synopsis: Istas and Ryan are an odd couple, and it’s easier to make it work when they don’t have to deal with their … Continue reading

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