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Sense8 2: Psychic Espionage, Fighting Back, and Finding Acceptance

Genre: Sci-fi Synopsis: Eight people all born on the same day are able to communicate across great distances and access each others’ skills–they are a cluster of sensates, sharing a psychic link. A powerful organization hunts them, using their own … Continue reading

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Sagas of Sundry: Dread, and the Chilling, Psychological Story of Five Friends Haunted by their Experiences

Genre: Mystery/supernatural/horror web series/RPG Synopsis: A group of friends meet up a year after experiencing supernatural danger, to head back to the same place it happened the first time. None of them have truly managed to move on from it. … Continue reading

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Hilarious Trailers: Goblin Is Incredibly Honest About Its Supernatural Romance Tropes

I had to share this, because I don’t think I’ve ever seen a trailer be this upfront about what it wants to do (although of course, everyone knows.) (Note: This is not a commentary on the show itself, as I haven’t … Continue reading

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Lost Village and Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress: Two Spring 2016 Anime with Intriguing Ideas That Could Have Been Better Executed

Lost Village Genre: Supernatural/Mystery Synopsis: A bus tour filled with people wanting to leave their old lives behind heads for Nanaki Village, an urban legend that may not even exist. And even if it does, those who go there don’t … Continue reading

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Belated Pilot Reviews: Frequency and Falling Water

Frequency Genre: Mystery/Sci-fi Synopsis: Detective Raimy Sullivan grew up knowing her father had been an undercover cop who went bad, and then got himself killed. Until his old ham radio in her garage somehow puts her in contact with the him from twenty years … Continue reading

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Stranger Things: A Pervasive Sense of Mystery, and the Desperation Behind Not Knowing What Went Wrong

Genre: Mystery/Supernatural Synopsis: A boy goes missing in a small town, leaving behind few clues as to what happened to him. As his family shoulders the weight his inexplicable disappearance, strange things start happening. His mother come across hints of something … Continue reading

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Durarara!!: Intrigue, Adventure, and Urban Legends in the Streets of Ikebukuro

(video) Genre: Supernatural Synopsis: In the Ikebukuro district of Tokyo, the supernatural comes into contact with the mundane. A headless fairy spawns her own local urban legend as she rides through the streets on her motorcycle. A preternaturally strong man with a hair-trigger … Continue reading

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The Magicians: A Turn for the Gross

Genre: Supernatural/Urban Fantasy Synopsis: Quentin’s not living the life he wants, and something about the fictional world in his favorite fantasy series has captivated him all his life. Meanwhile, his best friend Julia is ready to immerse herself in the … Continue reading

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TV Roundup: Cleverman, Preacher, and The Man in the High Castle

This week, I look at the beginnings of three new(ish) shows, talking about them in order of best to worst. Cleverman Genre: Dystopia/Sci-fi/Supernatural Synopsis: A superhero take on Australian Aboriginal culture, the story follows two brothers as one of them … Continue reading

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Erased: Crafting a Mystery Story That’s Deeply Personal

Genre: Mystery/Supernatural Synopsis: When Satoru was a child, a kidnapper and killer went after several of his classmates. Those kids were never heard from again, and the case remained unsolved thereafter. Later, he learned he had an odd ability. Sometimes, something … Continue reading

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