Hold on, I’m Changing My Stance on Quantico

[Personal note: I’ll be traveling next week. I intend to schedule a post to come out then, and should have that finished in time–just be aware that if it’s not up, that’s why, and if it is up, I won’t be checking up on it until the following week.]

I know I just gave an initial impression on the show last week. But I’ve thought over the things I was unsure of since, and seen the second episode, and decided that maybe I tried too hard to come up with a uniform reaction. And I’m remembering what I thought about How To Get Away With Murder last year, and it was better than this show. More polished, more well-thought out. Continue reading “Hold on, I’m Changing My Stance on Quantico”


Pilot Season: Minority Report and Quantico

Minority Report

Borrowed from movieweb.com

Genre: Sci-fi/crime-solving

Synopsis: A decade ago, the Precrime Unit was dismantled. It had been an agency using three precogs–children–to foresee crimes before they happened, enabling the arrest and incarceration of criminals before they’d ever committed their crimes. But the flaws of the program were revealed, and it was put to an end. Continue reading “Pilot Season: Minority Report and Quantico”