Jessica Jones Brings Three Seasons of Character Development to a Close

It’s the end of the third and final season of Jessica Jones, a gritty show following a superpowered PI.

And wow, does it go places.

The climax of season three is the culmination of the character work from the past three seasons. The first half of the season only hints at what’s building, but by the time it comes into fruition, it feels like both a logical progression and something too extreme to have predicted. I don’t think the execution is always as good as the idea it’s trying to convey–a few of the details open themselves up to nitpicking and criticism–but the broad strokes are clear and powerful.

Every Season is Deeply Personal

Looking back on the entire show, what strikes me is how much every season centered around personal stakes for Jessica. This is not your normal day-in-the-life detective or superhero show. Each season centers around one plot, and that plot is always massively entwined with Jess’ life. And while each decision is harder than the last, somehow that progression coincides with Jess putting herself a little more together after the mess she starts out as. Continue reading “Jessica Jones Brings Three Seasons of Character Development to a Close”

Jessica Jones: Messed-up Characters Pushed to the Limit

Genre: Superhero

Synopsis: Jessica Jones is a superstrong PI who just wants to be left alone to take pictures of cheating spouses and drink unhealthy amounts of alcohol. Her past recently came back to haunt her, in the form of the mind-controlling creep who’d kept her subjugated until she escaped him, and she killed him. But the past isn’t done with her yet.  Continue reading “Jessica Jones: Messed-up Characters Pushed to the Limit”

Marvel’s Jessica Jones: Messed Up Characters in Messed Up Situations

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Synopsis: Jessica Jones had wanted to be a hero once. That was before Kilgrave, a man with the power to control minds, found her. Now that she thinks he’s dead, she’s trying to put her life together while dealing with her PTSD and trying to make a living as a PI. A cynical, trash talking, overly-violent PI who isolates herself from the people around her, but one who gets the job done. Until she finds out Kilgrave isn’t dead, and he’s coming for her, hurting other people along the way. And Jessica finds that battered part of her that had once wanted to help people, in order to find the courage to face him. Continue reading “Marvel’s Jessica Jones: Messed Up Characters in Messed Up Situations”