Outlander S1.5: A WWII-era Englishwoman in 18th century Scotland

A woman stands brandishing a knife against an off-screen hand grabbing for her, a man behind her moves to back her up. The words read
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Genre: Historical/Drama/Romance

Synopsis: Claire, an English WWII nurse, gets mysteriously transported to 18th century Scotland. And thus ends up in the middle of the conflict between the Scots and the English. To protect herself from a particularly sleazy English soldier, she marries Jaime Fraser–a Scotsman, and a criminal with a price on his head.  Continue reading “Outlander S1.5: A WWII-era Englishwoman in 18th century Scotland”


The Brothers Sinister Series, and Struggling to Be Who You Are

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Genre: Historical Romance


The Duchess War: Minnie isn’t the person she’s pretending to be, and the last thing she can afford is for anyone to uncover the secrets of her childhood, or how she got the scar on her cheek. But then the captain of the militia starts threatening to investigate suspicions he has about her background, unless the inflammatory handbills he’s convinced she’s writing to rile the local workers stop. There’s just one problem. She isn’t writing those handbills. Continue reading “The Brothers Sinister Series, and Struggling to Be Who You Are”