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Outlander S1.5: A WWII-era Englishwoman in 18th century Scotland

Genre: Historical/Drama/Romance Synopsis: Claire, an English WWII nurse, gets mysteriously transported to 18th century Scotland. And thus ends up in the middle of the conflict between the Scots and the English. To protect herself from a particularly sleazy English soldier, … Continue reading

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Agent Carter Season 2: Not Bad, but Somewhat Gimmicky and Fumbles Representation

Genre: Sci-fi/Superhero/Historical Synopsis: Peggy Carter gets called out to LA to help handle a mysterious investigation, where a lake was frozen over and a body found. She teams up with her old friends Jarvis and Sousa, trying to unravel a … Continue reading

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The Brothers Sinister Series, and Struggling to Be Who You Are

Genre: Historical Romance Synopsis: The Duchess War: Minnie isn’t the person she’s pretending to be, and the last thing she can afford is for anyone to uncover the secrets of her childhood, or how she got the scar on her … Continue reading

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Vikings, and how much I despise Ragnar Lothbrok

Synopsis: The overly ambitious Ragnar Lothbrok rises through the ranks of society and leads his people in plundering England.

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Roundup: Titansgrave, Death Parade, and Outlander

Titansgrave: The Ashes of Valkana Genre: Sci-fi fantasy RPG web series Synopsis: A party of adventurers take on Wil Wheaton’s created universe in an RPG, with him as the game master. In a world still defined by a cataclysmic event … Continue reading

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