Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Fantasy Novellas and Short Stories

Haven’t done a Top Ten Tuesday list in a while, but I’m actually really excited by this one.  It’s now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

In no particular order:

The Jonathan Healy and Francis Brown stories by Seanan McGuire

A poster for a circus with two pistols lying over it. The text reads "New York Times Bestselling Author Seanan McGuire, The Star of New Mexico, An InCryptid Story."
Image: Seanan McGuire

Genre: Urban Fantasy/Historical Fantasy

Length: vary in length from 15-60 pages each

Available: Here (most are available for free, but some are collected into anthologies)

I could have filled the entire list with this series of short stories–there are over a dozen of them. In a world where cryptids (folkloric animals) are real and in hiding from the rest of the world, the Healys are a family of battle cryptozoologists who both protect humans from dangerous cryptids and cryptids from extremist humans. Continue reading “Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Fantasy Novellas and Short Stories”


Edgedancer, and the Antics of an Irreverent Urchin as She Takes on a Demigod

A symbol over a blue background, the words say "#1 New York Times Bestselling Author Brandon Sanderson, From the Stormlight Archive, Edgedancer"
Image: Tor via Amazon

Genre: Epic fantasy

Synopsis: Lift is a kid with Surgebinder powers, a companion spren who’d really rather be gardening, and a talent for utter wackiness. She’d prefer getting on with her urchin lifestyle, but the demigod wandering around killing people like her has other ideas–and she’s already on his radar. So she could either wait for him to kill again, eventually getting around to her, or she could–do what, exactly? Against a demigod? But either way, a confrontation is coming, with the lives of people like her at stake. Continue reading “Edgedancer, and the Antics of an Irreverent Urchin as She Takes on a Demigod”

We Don’t Live in a Homogenous World: List of 10 Science Fiction/Fantasy Works

There are plenty of authors from underrepresented groups writing fantastic science fiction and fantasy, and they’re equally deserving of publicity and support. It’s also important to remember that media can be powerful. It influences how we view the world, and what we think of as normal. That kind of power needs to be in the hands of people with wide ranges of perspectives, so that audiences are introduced to different ideas. So that everyone has a voice. Continue reading “We Don’t Live in a Homogenous World: List of 10 Science Fiction/Fantasy Works”

Dragon Age’s Cole: Human or Spirit?

Image: Bioware

This post will probably reveal a lot about my notions of morality and making decisions for other people, through the lens of a choice given to players in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

I’ve already brought up my love of the characters in this game, my opinions on other aspects of the game, and the absolutely amazing concluding DLC. Now I’d like to address one specific decision that the player influences a character towards, through the course of the game. Continue reading “Dragon Age’s Cole: Human or Spirit?”

The Stormlight Archives Redux, As the Series is Two Books In

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As we’re in the middle of the holiday season, this is a good time for a more rambling post. Earlier this year, I read Brandon Sanderson’s The Way of Kings and Words of Radiance, the first two installments in The Stormlight Archives epic fantasy series. (For those not already familiar with the series, the posts on those books will make far more sense, and this one will contain spoilers.) I loved both books to death, enough that I did for them what I almost never do for any book–I reread them. Continue reading “The Stormlight Archives Redux, As the Series is Two Books In”

Mistborn: The Well of Ascension, and Picking Up the Pieces After the Revolution

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Genre: Epic Fantasy

Synopsis: Former urchin Vin, under the tutelage of a talented Mistborn and partnered with a crew of specialists, played a vital role in the fall of the God-Emperor, though it hadn’t come without a cost. Now, someone has to pick up the pieces of the shattered empire and restore some semblance of order, hopefully a better order than what came before it. Elend seems to be the man for the job–in theory, given his lack of practical expedience. Provided Vin and the crew can keep him alive, and the city safe, long enough for that to materialize. Continue reading “Mistborn: The Well of Ascension, and Picking Up the Pieces After the Revolution”

The Words of Radiance, Featuring the Wild Card of the Stormlight Archives

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Genre: Epic Fantasy

Synopsis: As some cataclysmic event most don’t even know the nature of threatens, powers long lost to legend are making it back into this world. Among the wielders are Shallan, a young scholar with a surprising talent for intelligence gathering and a hidden past, who must put together the clues about what the world is facing and find a way to put that knowledge to use. Kaladin, an apprentice surgeon-turned-soldier-turned-slave-turned-officer with a hero-complex, who must decide who he is and which battles he’s going to fight. And Dalinar, formerly a vicious warrior who now seeks to become a more just and worthy leader, who must bring his people together to face the oncoming threat. Continue reading “The Words of Radiance, Featuring the Wild Card of the Stormlight Archives”

The Way of Kings, Captivating Epic Fantasy with Endearing Characters

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Genre: Epic Fantasy

Synopsis: A tenuous apocalyptic event is on the horizon, but few people have any hint that it’s even coming. As events slowly begin to unfold for the worse, Kaladin, a young soldier who’s lost too much, struggles to keep the people he’s chosen to protect safe, while an odd power rises in him. Shallan, a scholar and impoverished noblewoman, brushes against the coming dangers in her struggle to save her family. And Highprince Dalinar tries to make sense of visions that others view as madness, warning him of some great danger, while in the midst of a years long war spearheaded by his nephew, the king. Continue reading “The Way of Kings, Captivating Epic Fantasy with Endearing Characters”