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Wonder Woman: Refreshing and Emotionally Powerful

Genre: Superhero Synopsis: Diana has grown up in a land of Amazons, isolated from the rest of the world. They are the keepers of a weapon that can defeat Ares, the god of War, waiting for the time when he … Continue reading

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BookCon and Stream of Annihilation

So this weekend was packed for me, between attending panels at BookCon and trying to catch some of the one-shot DnD games played at Stream of Annihilation. BookCon My favorite panel had to be Holly Black (The Coldest Girl in … Continue reading

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Suicide Squad: Style Over Substance

Genre: Superhero Synopsis: Worried about their ability to defend against an attack by powerful Superman-like threats, the government decides to build a squad of criminals to do the job for them. Conveniently, a threat arises as soon as the team … Continue reading

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