Round-Up: Crimson Peak Redux and Questionable Content

Crimson Peak 

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Watching this movie for the second time was actually a much more enjoyable experience than watching it the first time–and I already liked it the first time. I love it now. Continue reading “Round-Up: Crimson Peak Redux and Questionable Content”


Crimson Peak: Evocative Characters, Harrowing Scenes

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Genre: Horror/mystery

Synopsis: Edith is content focusing on her efforts to publish her stories and living with her father, when Thomas Sharpe from England enters her life, intent on winning her over. This culminates in him and his sister Lucille bringing her to their home, Crimson Peak, a place Edith realizes too late that she’s been warned against all her life–by ghosts, which she has the ability to see. And there are ghosts in Crimson Peak. Continue reading “Crimson Peak: Evocative Characters, Harrowing Scenes”