Galavant: Fun, Ridiculous, and Optimistic Medieval Musical Comedy

Genre: Fantasy/Comedy/Musical

Synopsis: Galavant is a knight happily in a relationship with the love of his life, Madalena–until King Richard abducts her to become his queen. Naturally, he embarks on a rescue. But by the time he gets to the castle, Madalena has decided to accept Richard’s offer of her own free will, leaving Galavant heartbroken. So Galavant gives up on his knighting, while Madalena quickly becomes a force to be reckoned with… Continue reading “Galavant: Fun, Ridiculous, and Optimistic Medieval Musical Comedy”


A Series of Unfortunate Events has a Charismatic Charm

Genre: Adventure/comedy

Synopsis: Three siblings, the Baudelaires, suddenly find themselves orphans. They’re sent to live with a nearby relative, Count Olaf–who, it turns out, only wants their money. He puts them in poor living conditions, uses them as servants, and abuses them verbally (and once physically). The siblings are left to survive their dreary situation, foil his schemes, and fight for a happier future. Continue reading “A Series of Unfortunate Events has a Charismatic Charm”