Lost Village and Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress: Two Spring 2016 Anime with Intriguing Ideas That Could Have Been Better Executed

Lost Village

A boy and a girl walking through a tunnel at night, with a bus heading towards them. The title reads "Lost Village".
Image via Crunchyroll

Genre: Supernatural/Mystery

Synopsis: A bus tour filled with people wanting to leave their old lives behind heads for Nanaki Village, an urban legend that may not even exist. And even if it does, those who go there don’t come back. Everyone has their own reasons for traveling to this mysterious village, but no one knows what they’re going to find. A new place to live out their lives in peace? A fake story about a place that isn’t real? Or a mystery that pulls forth the characters’ motivations and forces them to confront who they are? Continue reading “Lost Village and Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress: Two Spring 2016 Anime with Intriguing Ideas That Could Have Been Better Executed”


Durarara!!: Intrigue, Adventure, and Urban Legends in the Streets of Ikebukuro


Genre: Supernatural

Synopsis: In the Ikebukuro district of Tokyo, the supernatural comes into contact with the mundane. A headless fairy spawns her own local urban legend as she rides through the streets on her motorcycle. A preternaturally strong man with a hair-trigger temper gets into fights with gangsters despite his dislike of violence. And an information broker pulls on everyone’s strings, maneuvering them into conflict with one another for his own amusement. Continue reading “Durarara!!: Intrigue, Adventure, and Urban Legends in the Streets of Ikebukuro”

Erased: Crafting a Mystery Story That’s Deeply Personal

Image: via Crunchyroll

Genre: Mystery/Supernatural

Synopsis: When Satoru was a child, a kidnapper and killer went after several of his classmates. Those kids were never heard from again, and the case remained unsolved thereafter. Later, he learned he had an odd ability. Sometimes, something bad would happen, then he’d travel backwards in time just far enough that he could prevent it from happening. Then one day, something terrible happens. And he travels so far back in time, that he’s in elementary school again. Which can only mean one thing–whatever happens twenty years later can only be prevented if Satoru solves the mystery of his childhood, and saves his classmates. (Warning: This series has child abuse.) Continue reading “Erased: Crafting a Mystery Story That’s Deeply Personal”

Roundup: Titansgrave, Death Parade, and Outlander

Titansgrave: The Ashes of Valkana

Genre: Sci-fi fantasy RPG web series

Synopsis: A party of adventurers take on Wil Wheaton’s created universe in an RPG, with him as the game master. In a world still defined by a cataclysmic event and an ensuing war, the protagonists are performers journeying together for their own varied reasons. Adventure, secrets, and legendary feats await. Starring Laura Bailey, Hank Green, Yuri Lowenthal, and Alison Haislip. Continue reading “Roundup: Titansgrave, Death Parade, and Outlander”