Tales from the Borderlands: A Corporate Lackey and a Con Artist Go Treasure Hunting


A man and woman standing next to the words "Tales from the Borderlands, A Telltale Game Series"
Image: Telltale via Steam

Genre: Interactive adventure/sci-fi

Synopsis: Rhys is trying to make his way up the corporate ladder in Hyperion, which is hard when his boss has it out for him. But if he intercepts a vault key–which can open up a cache of riches–it’ll propel his career to the top. Of course, said vault key is on Pandora, a run down slum of a planet that’ll be a challenge to brave. And things become even more complicated when he runs afoul of a con artist, Fiona. Continue reading “Tales from the Borderlands: A Corporate Lackey and a Con Artist Go Treasure Hunting”


Bethesda Roundup: Skyrim and Fallout 3

These two games have a lot in common–not too surprising, as they’re both open world RPGs made by the same company. And ultimately, other than the differences between a fantasy and post-apocalyptic setting, they offer similar types of experiences.

The games don’t have deep characterization or detailed plots, so much as you go around in the world, meet a lot of people–generally never getting to know them beyond some surface details–and complete missions. There’s often not much variability in how you can complete these missions, though sometimes there is. But the point is the freedom to go out and explore the world, doing what you want when you want. Continue reading “Bethesda Roundup: Skyrim and Fallout 3”

Red Queen, and Playing Expectations Against the Audience

Genre: YA dystopian fantasy

Synopsis: There are two kinds of people, Reds and Silvers, distinguishable by the color of their blood. And by the powers that the latter wield. Silvers make up the upper echelon of society, keeping Reds under their control and using them as cannon fodder in their war effort. To make things more interesting, the anonymous Scarlet Guard has taken it upon themselves to be the vanguard of what they hope will become an uprising by the Reds. Continue reading “Red Queen, and Playing Expectations Against the Audience”