Giveaway and Sale for Chains Carried on Wings

Text over blue background reads "YA epic fantasy novel Chains Carried on Wings Giveaway and Sale."

I’m doing an Amazon giveaway contest of my novel for my blog readers here. (EDIT: Giveaway over.)

The ebook will also be on sale this week–officially so in the US and UK store, but I priced it down in all the international stores as well.


Chains Carried on Wings Release and Upcoming Sale

I envisioned myself slowly wading into the pool of indie publishing, but now that I’ve started, I kind of want to plunge in. Which probably explains why I went ahead and published my first YA epic fantasy novel, Chains Carried on Wings, on Amazon.

A woman wielding a sword stands on a rocky outcrop with the moon looming in the background. The text reads

Saig had always lived on the edge of acceptance. Unlike a proper daughter of the head family, she longed for the freedom of the open woods over the confinement of her home. It was enough to drive away the two people who should, by rights, have been her closest companions.  Continue reading “Chains Carried on Wings Release and Upcoming Sale”

Welcome to Bardic Impulses

Hello all, welcome to my new blog, coming from the original version here.

The reason behind this move is to have a URL that makes sense for the site–and because the old URL uses a name which I’ve decided to modify (to Marina Erving) such that my pen name and real name share the same first name.

I’m leaving up the old URL with all the content, and this blog will be a direct continuation.

New content coming soon.