Why I’m Not on Social Media Anymore and Rarely Blog

I’d made a quick blog post back in 2020 on how I couldn’t bring myself to blog with what was going on in my country (the US) at the time. Since then, I’ve decided I prefer staying off social media like twitter entirely–so many terrible things are always happening in the world, it’s upsetting, and I personally want to react privately rather than publicly. Donating to humanitarian/relief efforts is my go-to way of dealing with a crisis and that feels like the right thing to stick with for now.

Blogging is a little different, since I’ve mostly used it to talk about SFF media. But I’ve realized that I want to spend the time I’d put into my blog towards writing more fiction instead.

So expect sporadic updates on the blog, especially when new projects come out. I won’t be using my twitter at all, but it’ll stay up and I’ll still see DMs.

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