Giving Away Free Post-Apocalyptic Urban Fantasy Short Story

I’ve been wanting to give something away–partly because it’s a tumultuous time and I hope it might have even a small positive effect on someone’s mental health. Partly because I’d like to put something out before my next book release (which is looking like early 2021).

So Ambush Predators is available for free from most major retailers (except Amazon, who haven’t price-matched it yet–but you can get a kindle-compatible digital download here instead.)

The eye of an animal looks out over a forest. The text reads "A short story in the world of Terrestrial Magic, Ambush Predators, Marina Ermakova".

Mythical carnivores that prey on humans…and the researchers who study them.

New graduate student Jordan begins her first field expedition to study Italy’s legendary animals, under the supervision of her mentor Gabriela. But being on the frontlines of discovery with these mysterious, dangerous animals comes with risks. Will Jordan learn to survive the local Roman monsters? Or will she join the countless others who’ve lost their lives to this unexplained legendary infestation?

This short story is set in the world of Terrestrial Magic.

Store links here.

Digital download here.