Night and Silence by Seanan McGuire: Another Layer of Secrets Is Revealed, as Our Protagonists Recover from the Last Book’s Ordeal

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If I needed any more evidence that grad school was driving me hard here it is: I didn’t even realize the latest October Daye novel had been out for a year. My ultimate auto-buy series, the one that’s reached a dozen novels now without my interest in the story dipping even a little.

Yeah, wasn’t expecting that. But now I’ve finally caught up with my favorite series…just in time for the next book to come out.

Centuries of Backstory Catching Up with Our Protagonists

The protagonist of these novels is Toby Daye, a part-fae detective whose heritage is so convoluted even she’s still figuring it all out. Daughter of a powerful but absent blood worker and a human man, Toby has had to carve a place for herself in a world that didn’t want her. She’s built her own circle of support, solved mysteries, been declared a hero of the realm…and made ridiculously powerful enemies. (Though to be fair, her greatest enemy had already been in place the moment she was born.)

As always, the latest book builds on the character relationships established in the previous ones, creating a rich story for us to follow. And the worldbuilding is so rooted in character development. With hundreds of years of history for many of the secondary characters, there are many twists and turns in their relationships to explore.

The bend taken by this book is fascinating.

The characters are all a little broken by the events of the previous book, which leaves them unprepared when the action in this one comes for them. And now that we’ve gotten a full dose of how horrifyingly powerful and heartless the pureblooded, all-powerful fae can be, this book comes along to remind us that power isn’t everything, and sometimes knowledge can hurt just as badly.

The Unusual Paths to Power

One of my favorite details of this series is that there are a lot of magical avenues that aren’t often traversed, because those in power have an established way of doing things and ignore everything else. Literally everyone thinks it’s weird that Toby tries to talk to knowes–magical otherworldy places that can change themselves, often to suit whoever holds a claim to them. And yet, she often gets some kind of response just by asking nicely, something that doesn’t even occur to the purebloods so used to being in power.

Likewise, for all the power that the purebloods hold, even humans can hurt them. As long as they have the right knowledge and preparation to do so.

The most fascinating part of this book isn’t even the main mystery or the villain–it’s all the smaller mysteries that are revealed on the way to getting to those things. In Night and Silence, Toby’s personal history collides with the secrets of her ancestors to reveal a whole new depth to her story. The complications presented in this book will definitely have consequences further into the series. And I can’t wait to see how they play out.

Favorite Quotes:

That’s the thing about time, about youth. It passes, and you become a bit more yourself with every day gone.

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  1. Theo Promes

    I love this series, and was admittedly somewhat amused when I read the review, until I realized that the book I just read yesterday was the *next* one in the series. Yup, you are a tad behind. But hey, the words aren’t going anywhere, and this way you have something to look forward to 🙂


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