Agents of SHIELD S6 Gives Us Adventures in Deep Space and Alien Invasions

I’m trying to unpackage my feelings about this latest season. I loved most of it. But then the last episode happened and it was…a little ridiculous.

Keeping the Plotlines Fresh

After so many seasons and so many threats, the show somehow still manages to find innovative threats that feel fresh. The world keeps getting bigger. The season opens with half the team on an escapade through deep space, heading into alien territory that they usually steer clear of. Meanwhile, a huge mystery is introduced back home.

I spent the whole season on the edge of my seat, hyped to find out what is happening, how it’s happening, and who has what motivation.

As Ever, the Conflicts are Deeply Personal

The characters on Agents of SHIELD have been incredibly powerful since the end of season two, and that’s one thing I’ve been able to count on for years now. It remains mostly true this season, too.

May in particular has some subtle character work. She’s an embattled, gruff old pro whose partner recently died. And now someone shows up wearing his face, in the middle of a crisis he may or may not be responsible for.

It was an engaging plotline, right until the end when it fell apart for me. In theory, having this character who’s lost and sacrifice so much convert from cynicism to hope at the prospect of finally getting something back–I can see it working. But the execution felt off.

I don’t know if it was too abrupt. Or if it was the almost fanatical optimism she had towards the end. Or maybe I just don’t enjoy seeing the toughest female character on the show come so close to the whole ‘martyr for romantic love’ thing. But I found that aspect pretty unsatisfying.

And those last few action sequences in the final episode…what even.


I enjoyed this season a lot until the last episode, which messed with my suspension of disbelief a bit.