I Put a Spell On You Fantasy Giveaway and Legacies Mixing Supernatural Thriller with Teen Drama

Two things today, first a news item, and then a review of Legacies season one.

1. I Put a Spell On You Giveaway

BooksGoSocial is running their I Put a Spell On You fantasy giveaway, with 20 offerings including a preview of my urban fantasy novel, Terrestrial Magic.

2. Legacies

I’m pretty torn about this show. Because it fluctuates between being a supernatural thriller (which I like) and teen drama (which I don’t). Everything it does is well-executed, but whether or not I’m enjoying what’s playing on my screen tends to depend on what the show is going for at a particular moment.

Unraveling the mystery of a void that erased the memory of whole cadre of fantasy creatures from existence? Fending off monsters with wide-ranging powers? Navigating the consequences of your decisions? I am there for all of that.

Trying to win a beauty pageant? Not so much.

But for anyone who likes teen drama mixed in with their supernatural thriller, this will probably be a pretty good blend. And even for those like me, who’d rather just take the supernatural thriller alone, this show might still be worth checking out.

What I like:

  • The actress playing Hope is ridiculously good – even more impressive since I think she’s still in her teens. She has this charisma and gravity about her performance. The cast is generally pretty good, no weaknesses here, but her performance at the end of the season finale is an absolute standout.
  • The variety of the enemies – An onslaught of magical creatures that have been wiped out of human memory are attacking our protagonists. This gives the show plenty of leeway to be creative with their monsters, even despite any established mythology in this world. I really appreciated the array of powers displayed by these monsters, and the variety of violent and non-violent methods they use to attack.
  • The slow unraveling of the plot – The protagonists start off knowing nothing about what’s going on, and making all kinds of (wrong) assumptions as a consequence. It’s fun to go along on the ride as the show slowly reveals the truth, first laying the groundwork with the clues it gives us and then putting them together.
  • Character depth – This show knows how to work its characters and their conflicts. Hope struggles with connecting to her peers because of how much she’s lost, but throws herself into a protector role…and sometimes an avenger role. Two twin sisters deal with a changing dynamic as one of them grows unsatisfied with staying in the others’ shadow. Two foster brothers have always looked out for each other, but find it isn’t so easy when they find a place where only one of them belongs.
  • Tragedy – When Legacies reaches for the tragedy, it finds it. This whole season leads up to it in a way I wasn’t expecting, but it was a brilliant ending. And I refuse to spoil more.

What I didn’t like:

  • Love decagons – There’s one character in particular who’s kissed, slept with, or developed a crush on all three of the female leads before the season’s even over. And all of this is happening less than a year after his last girlfriend died. Personality-wise, he’s not even remotely enough of an asshole to have this much drama.
  • Any interaction between this school and the local high school – teen drama galore! There is a lot of teen drama, and I do my best to ignore it.
  • The djinni episode – One episode stood out in a bad one. It was disjointed from the rest of the plot, and felt like it was almost a parody sometimes. It could easily have been excised from the season while losing almost nothing.

So far, the good is impressive enough that I’m willing to put up with the bad. I’ll be there for season two. Especially since the (cliffhanger) season finale was so amazing.