Terrestrial Magic Has a Cover and Release Date

The ebook of my novel Terrestrial Magic–originally posted as a web serial, plus almost 7,000 words of bonus content–will be available on January 17th, 2019. The print version will be available from Amazon in the near future as well, and possibly other stores. The ebook is currently up for pre-order at a discount price. 

And of course, the cover:

A woman sits on a motorcycle on a dark, deserted road. The words read "Terrestrial Magic, Marina Ermakova."

2 thoughts on “Terrestrial Magic Has a Cover and Release Date

  1. AVR

    Preordered now. Though I have to ask – sorry if it’s answered somewhere else – why no Patreon or tipjar or anything similar?


    1. Thanks for the support!

      I started posting Terrestrial Magic because I had the novel written, and not a lot of confidence in it. I didn’t really have a plan. I’m still exploring options and figuring out what to do next–since book 2 isn’t finished yet, and I’m not sure a weekly web serial is the best format for it anyway.

      I’m very interested in Patreon, and hoping to have decided on a plan for that within a few days–because that’s when the final segment of Terrestrial Magic will go up, and I’ll have to make a concluding post about what happens next.

      Basically the answer is that I’m still new at this publishing thing, still figuring out what formats work for me in presenting my writing, and still learning as I go.


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