Chains Carried on Wings Release and Upcoming Sale

I envisioned myself slowly wading into the pool of indie publishing, but now that I’ve started, I kind of want to plunge in. Which probably explains why I went ahead and published my first YA epic fantasy novel, Chains Carried on Wings, on Amazon.

A woman wielding a sword stands on a rocky outcrop with the moon looming in the background. The text reads

Saig had always lived on the edge of acceptance. Unlike a proper daughter of the head family, she longed for the freedom of the open woods over the confinement of her home. It was enough to drive away the two people who should, by rights, have been her closest companions. 

But her perfect, responsible cousin Auris–destined to be the city’s headwoman and resentful of Saig’s inability to conform–would never be her friend again. 

And her surly cousin Trei–aware of how his foreign ancestry undermined his own standing in society–would always look at her as a reminder of their shared differences. 

Until a series of mysterious disappearances forces all three of the cousins onto the same side. Driven to protect their city and prove themselves, they join the effort to hunt down the perpetrators. What they find is a trap designed to bring their society crashing down, and the power to reshape their city’s future. There’s just one problem–the three of them have always bitterly disagreed on what that future should look like. 

Chains Carried on Wings is available as both an ebook and a paperback. The ebook will go on sale in the Amazon US and UK stores from June 24-July 1. That sale will become incrementally smaller with time, so it’ll be cheaper earlier in the week. If there’s any interest from other countries, I could try to manually lower the price in those stores over the same time period. (For anyone preferring non-Amazon formats, I’m expecting to make the book available on other stores in a few months–for the moment, I’m starting out with just Amazon, but that will change.)

So. I published a book, in addition to the web serial I already have posting. I guess I’m just going for it, you guys.