BookCon and Stream of Annihilation

So this weekend was packed for me, between attending panels at BookCon and trying to catch some of the one-shot DnD games played at Stream of Annihilation.


My favorite panel had to be Holly Black (The Coldest Girl in Coldtown) and Leigh Bardugo (Six of Crows). Not only have I recently read great books by both, but they were a lot of fun, especially together. Aside from the hilarious personal stories they shared, some standout moments included:

  • The two of them describing their writing process, and their massively divergent schedules–Holly Black apparently writes twice a day, in the afternoon then again from midnight to 5am.
  • Leigh Bardugo discussing the differences between her two series. The first one is the story of a chosen one, while the second one specifically focuses on characters that aren’t chosen, and that no one cares about.
  • The revelation that Holly Black has elf ears. I honestly didn’t know this was a thing.

Stream of Annihilation

There were a lot of one-shot, 1.5 hour long sessions, but I’ve only watched two of them so far. Both are great.

Tower of the Curator A group of adventurers enter a tower, questing to find a particular object–if they can get past the tower’s denizens.

Between engaging NPCs, an interesting encounter, and memorable characters, this made for a fun session. I especially enjoyed the contrast between the roles played by Critical Role’s Matt Mercer and Marisha Ray. Matt was a no-nonsense cleric who wanted to get the job done right, while Marisha played a more freewheeling bard.

Girls, Guts, and Glory A party is shipwrecked in the midst of their quest, left picking up the trail of their mission. But their biggest challenge will be to determine what is and what isn’t a threat to them.

Matt was the dungeon master for this game, crafting an engaging story where the players had to put themselves back on track after being thrown off-course. The players are all from the same gaming group, coming in with a pre-existing adventuring party and dynamic. Their characters were cool, and the role-playing was very engaging–most of the players are actresses and it showed. They seem to have some material available online, and based on this session, I will definitely be checking it out.