Miscellaneous Things of Interest, from Sci-fi to Giving Back

Mass Effect: Andromeda – This game is coming out tomorrow, and I’m super excited. Hopefully, I’ll get a playthrough done in time to post about it next week. I’ve managed to remain surprisingly unspoiled so far–all I know is, it’s set after the Mass Effect trilogy and thus detached from the action of the previous games, and it’s a Bioware style RPG in a sci-fi setting. I haven’t so much as looked at a trailer, don’t know how many companions are recruit-able, and don’t even know the plot. So the discovery process should be interesting.

NYC Teen Author Festival For anyone in or near New York, there’s a book festival happening this week. The majority of the panels will be Friday and Saturday. I unfortunately will not have time to go, because I need to celebrate three birthdays. (The cat may not care if I skip his birthday, but I’d feel guilty.)

TableTop Season 4 –  This series where Wil Wheaton plays an assortment of tabletop games with guests from geek culture is back. 4 episodes are available on Youtube with a new one being added every week.


Real World Stuff – As much as I go to sci-fi and fantasy to explore themes of human nature and world-changing events, terrible things happening in real life is depressing. It’s easy to feel helpless. The philosophy I’m leaning towards is that doing something, no matter how small, is better than doing nothing. (And it opens the door to make it easier to do a little more, but even if it doesn’t, it’s still something.)

For some people, this will involve a lot of communication or attending large events. For me, I’ll probably keep volunteering and commit to making some small donations every few months–this time around I’m choosing Doctors Without Borders. Last time it was the ACLU. (As a note, donations are more effective when they’re regular instead of one-offs. I don’t feel I can do that, which is an example of my ‘do what you can as long as it’s something’ practice.)

If anyone is in the position to volunteer, and interested in doing so, it can be rewarding. It’s made a huge impact on my perspective of the world.