Hilarious Trailers: Goblin Is Incredibly Honest About Its Supernatural Romance Tropes

I had to share this, because I don’t think I’ve ever seen a trailer be this upfront about what it wants to do (although of course, everyone knows.)

(Note: This is not a commentary on the show itself, as I haven’t seen any of it. Also not a commentary on romance in general–I may be a sci-fi/fantasy kind of girl, but I believe that every genre is equally valuable. Unless that genre happens to be founded on principles of inequality, and I really hope that’s not a thing.)


There’s this new supernatural romance K-drama available on Dramafever, and I happened to come across a trailer of it–a trailer so funny, it borders on parody. Even unintentionally, it still kind of manages to serve that purpose. I could not stop laughing while watching it.

A little too much honesty, Goblin, but thanks for the entertainment. 

It reminds a bit of the fun that the Deadpool movie had promoting itself, except for how that was intentional. It also kinda reminds me of when SNL did a parody of Black Widow:


And then DC came out with a first look trailer for Supergirl which wasn’t a parody–it was for real–but managed to closely resemble the parody that came before it.


(Also not a commentary on Supergirl the show, as I’ve never seen it–just the trailer.)

Technically the situations aren’t all that similar either, but the Goblin trailer taps into the SNL parody’s self-awareness of its tropes, and the DC trailer’s lack of awareness of how funny that is.