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Girl Genius: The Epic Adventures of Mad Scientists

Genre: Steampunk/Gaslamp fantasy Synopsis: In a world where mad science is a superpower and those that have it–Sparks–rule cities and empires, Agatha Clay is a research assistant at a university. She thinks she’s just some girl with a penchant for … Continue reading

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Rejected Princesses: A Collection of Fascinating Stories from History, Folklore, and Mythology

Genre: History/Mythology/Folklore Synopsis: A collection of short biographical stories (accompanied by cool portraits) of women in history, mythology, and folklore who don’t fit the standard narrative–especially the Disney princess narrative, as the author, Jason Porath, comes from an animation background. … Continue reading

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Mass Effect, and Launching an Immersive RPG Trilogy

(video) Genre: Sci-fi RPG Synopsis: The player character is Commander Shepard, a member of humanity’s Alliance military. Shepard becomes embroiled in humanity’s desire to join the upper ranks of the intergalactic community, along with species that have held the highest … Continue reading

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Poisoned Blade, and a World Moving Towards a Revolution

Genre: YA Fantasy Synopsis: Jes and her sisters have grown up relatively sheltered, their aristocratic father hiding them away from much of the prejudice against their mother’s race. But after the kingdom’s politics force their father to abandon his family, … Continue reading

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