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The Kate Daniels Series: Smartass Mercenaries with Complex Family Ties

Genre: Urban Fantasy Synopsis: Kate Daniels starts out as a mercenary with a secret heritage, trained with the purpose of killing one man. She’s supposed to keep to herself, keep hidden, until she’s ready. To avoid any ties that might make … Continue reading

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Luke Cage, and Its Dedicated Focus on Characterization

Genre: Superhero Synopsis: Luke Cage is an escaped convict who was falsely accused, lying low and hiding his superpowers. But the man who’s giving him a job is deeply concerned with the inhabitants of Harlem, and when he runs afoul of a … Continue reading

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Unrest: The Violent Turmoil of a City Struck by Famine, Strained by Social Tensions and Rage, in an Indian Inspired Fantasy Setting

Genre: Fantasy RPG (minus the combat focus) Synopsis: In a fantasy inspired by ancient India, five people have to make their way and shape the world around them during a period of social unrest: a princess ingrained in the surrounding politics, … Continue reading

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Pilot Season: Timeless Has Interesting Concepts, but Doesn’t Go Deep Enough

  Genre: Sci-fi Synopsis: A private company builds a time machine, which is promptly hijacked by criminals attempting to change the history of America. To stop them, history professor Lucy, soldier Wyatt, and engineer Rufus are sent back as well.

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