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Stranger Things: A Pervasive Sense of Mystery, and the Desperation Behind Not Knowing What Went Wrong

Genre: Mystery/Supernatural Synopsis: A boy goes missing in a small town, leaving behind few clues as to what happened to him. As his family shoulders the weight his inexplicable disappearance, strange things start happening. His mother come across hints of something … Continue reading

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Once Broken Faith: Kings, Queens, and Murder at a Political Convention

  Genre: Urban Fantasy Synopsis: Toby Daye is a changeling, half-fae and half-human. She started off the series disconnected and aimless, a result of the years she lost due to a spell cast on her by her enemies. She’s come … Continue reading

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Killjoys S2: Messed Up Father Figures, Brainwashed Soldiers, and the Struggle for Independence

Synopsis: Dutch and John are trying to put their team back together, rescuing D’avin from the clutches of a mysterious experiment. Meanwhile, Dutch’s old mentor–the man who trained her as an assassin–is making things complicated, acting on some mysterious agenda. … Continue reading

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Doctor Who Season 8’s Best Episodes Feature Adventure, Emotional Conflict, and Engaging Twists

Genre: Sci-fi Synopsis: A Time Lord, the Doctor, travels through time and space, answering calls for help and saving humanity. He’s almost always joined by a companion–currently, a teacher named Clara–who keeps him company, and often keeps him from doing anything too … Continue reading

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