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Neverwinter Nights 2: Fun Adventure with Technical Frustrations

Genre: Fantasy RPG Synopsis: The player character has grown up in a small village, raised by his/her foster father after some terrible event long ago killed his/her mother. But one otherwise peaceful day, the past comes back to haunt the … Continue reading

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Critical Role, and Never Knowing What’ll Happen Next

Genre: Fantasy RPG Synopsis: A party of adventures called Vox Machina must make their way through a changing world, facing ever more powerful enemies and their own personal demons. The story is brought to life by a cast of professional voice … Continue reading

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Suicide Squad: Style Over Substance

Genre: Superhero Synopsis: Worried about their ability to defend against an attack by powerful Superman-like threats, the government decides to build a squad of criminals to do the job for them. Conveniently, a threat arises as soon as the team … Continue reading

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Glass Sword: Straining Trust, Loyalty, and Friendship to the Breaking Point

Genre: YA Dystopia/Fantasy/Sci-fi Synopsis: Red Queen (Book 1): Reds and Silvers are named for the color of their blood, and distinguished by the powers that the Silvers wield. That power puts the Silvers at the top of the class hierarchy, … Continue reading

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