Durarara!!: Intrigue, Adventure, and Urban Legends in the Streets of Ikebukuro


Genre: Supernatural

Synopsis: In the Ikebukuro district of Tokyo, the supernatural comes into contact with the mundane. A headless fairy spawns her own local urban legend as she rides through the streets on her motorcycle. A preternaturally strong man with a hair-trigger temper gets into fights with gangsters despite his dislike of violence. And an information broker pulls on everyone’s strings, maneuvering them into conflict with one another for his own amusement. Continue reading “Durarara!!: Intrigue, Adventure, and Urban Legends in the Streets of Ikebukuro”


Web Media Roundup: Signal Boost, Force Grey, and Jessie Graff’s Run on American Ninja Warrior

Signal Boost


This is a geeky web series on Geek and Sundry which rotates hosts, each of whom select three things each week that they think is cool to highlight. While a nice source of recommendations, what I really like about the show is the personal touches. The host’s personality comes through in their choice of humor and their scripted interactions with the staff. And best of all, there’s a transition segment between each host, which is usually pretty entertaining. For example: Continue reading “Web Media Roundup: Signal Boost, Force Grey, and Jessie Graff’s Run on American Ninja Warrior”

The Wolf Among Us: Powerful Characterization, Immersive World

Image: Telltale Games

Genre: Interactive mystery/adventure/urban fantasy

Synopsis: All the characters we’ve heard of in fairy tales are real, but they’ve long since fled their homelands to find refuge in our world. Referring to themselves as Fables, Snow White, Bluebeard, and the Little Mermaid all live in an NYC neighborhood, policing each other. Continue reading “The Wolf Among Us: Powerful Characterization, Immersive World”

The Magicians: A Turn for the Gross

Image: Syfy

Genre: Supernatural/Urban Fantasy

Synopsis: Quentin’s not living the life he wants, and something about the fictional world in his favorite fantasy series has captivated him all his life. Meanwhile, his best friend Julia is ready to immerse herself in the real world, in a graduate program at Yale. Then both of them mysteriously find themselves in another University, taking an admission exam that tests their magic. Quentin passes, and Julia fails. Continue reading “The Magicians: A Turn for the Gross”