Orphan Black, and the Art of the Likable yet Deeply Flawed Anti-Heroine

Image: BBC America via Collider

Genre: Sci-fi/thriller


S1: Grifter Sarah Manning happens to meet a woman who looks exactly like her in a train station, right before the woman commits suicide. Naturally, Sarah uses the opportunity to steal all her stuff. But while pretending to be her in order to access her bank account, Sarah finds herself thrust deeper into the woman’s life than she imagined. She learns there’s a reason why the woman looked like her, and she’s walked right into a dangerous trap. Continue reading “Orphan Black, and the Art of the Likable yet Deeply Flawed Anti-Heroine”


Roundup: Twelve Kings in Sharakhai and The Coldest Girl in Coldtown

Twelve Kings in Sharakhai

Image: Bradley P. Beaulieu

Genre: Fantasy

Synopsis: Ceda despises the immortal kings ruling her home. Their authority stems from indoctrinated loyalty and a reign of terror, fueled by power no one else can match. No one has ever successfully challenged them. The Moonless Host has come closest to becoming an actual problem for the kings–but Ceda hates their tactics almost as much as she hates the rulers of Sharakhai. Continue reading “Roundup: Twelve Kings in Sharakhai and The Coldest Girl in Coldtown”

Dragon Age’s Cole: Human or Spirit?

Image: Bioware

This post will probably reveal a lot about my notions of morality and making decisions for other people, through the lens of a choice given to players in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

I’ve already brought up my love of the characters in this game, my opinions on other aspects of the game, and the absolutely amazing concluding DLC. Now I’d like to address one specific decision that the player influences a character towards, through the course of the game. Continue reading “Dragon Age’s Cole: Human or Spirit?”

TV Roundup: Cleverman, Preacher, and The Man in the High Castle

This week, I look at the beginnings of three new(ish) shows, talking about them in order of best to worst.


Image: via Sundance TV

Genre: Dystopia/Sci-fi/Supernatural

Synopsis: A superhero take on Australian Aboriginal culture, the story follows two brothers as one of them takes on the mantle of the Cleverman. They must navigate society, including the turmoil between humans and hairies–a physically strong but oppressed people, confined to a containment zone. Between their personal issues and the country’s deep-seated prejudices, they have plenty of challenges ahead. Continue reading “TV Roundup: Cleverman, Preacher, and The Man in the High Castle”

Agents of SHIELD, and Its Willingness to Torment Skye/Ward Shippers

Image: Marvel/ABC via Zap2it

Genre: Action/Superhero


S1: Agent Coulson is somehow mysteriously alive after dying during the Avengers crisis, and he’s putting together his own team now. It should be business as usual, but gradually the secrets within SHIELD catch up with Coulson, his team, and the entire organization. Continue reading “Agents of SHIELD, and Its Willingness to Torment Skye/Ward Shippers”