Assorted Adventures of Critical Role

I know I’ve been talking about the Critical Role cast a lot lately, but they keep doing things! I’ve got to make an extra post just to keep up with all the cool stuff they’ve put out recently.

First, there’s the main Critical Role series, which airs live every Thursday and is prolific enough on its own that I’m probably overdue for another post on it. Then their crossover with Kinda Funny. And the stint they did on No Survivors, playing Paranoia alongside Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton.

Today, I want to focus on two more cool things the cast put out recently. The first is a Warcraft-themed challenge between Critical Role and The Warp Zone, to find out who is the best mechanical gryphon rider.


It turns out pretty funny, what with the team ready to lose as long as they sound cool doing it. Not to mention the huge surprise beasting that one round turned it. I had to watch it repeatedly to believe what I was seeing.

Then there was the one-shot Pathfinder campaign that Matt Mercer ran, following a party of goblins in their hi-jinks.


The goblins were silly and irreverent. Their failures were at least as entertaining as their successes. And it made for a great show–the Critical Role one-shots all tend to be far more heavily comedic than the main campaign, but it always works with the story.

So these are things that I think are absolutely cool to check out, and we’ll see if the cast takes a break long enough for me to go a month without mentioning them. But I’m totally cool with it if they don’t.