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Innkeeper Chronicles, and Fun, Genre-Bending Adventures

Genre: Urban fantasy/sci-fi Synopsis:  Clean Sweep: Dina is an Innkeeper. On the grounds of her inn, she’s incredibly powerful, able to bend reality to her will. But only on the grounds of her inn. It is her job to provide lodging … Continue reading

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Captain America: Civil War, the Choice Between Friendship and Morality

Genre: Superhero Synopsis: The Avengers reach a critical moment in their career. Most of the world’s governments are no longer comfortable with them operating independently, answering to no one. Especially when things go wrong. So the team is asked to submit themselves … Continue reading

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Erased: Crafting a Mystery Story That’s Deeply Personal

Genre: Mystery/Supernatural Synopsis: When Satoru was a child, a kidnapper and killer went after several of his classmates. Those kids were never heard from again, and the case remained unsolved thereafter. Later, he learned he had an odd ability. Sometimes, something … Continue reading

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Assorted Adventures of Critical Role

I know I’ve been talking about the Critical Role cast a lot lately, but they keep doing things! I’ve got to make an extra post just to keep up with all the cool stuff they’ve put out recently. First, there’s … Continue reading

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Six of Crows: A Discordant Group of Teens Pulling Off the Caper of Their Lives

  Genre: YA Fantasy Synopsis: Kaz is in the upper echelons of a gang, biding his time until he can take revenge on a more established member of the criminal underworld. Then he’s contracted to perform an impossible job for a ridiculous … Continue reading

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