Innkeeper Chronicles, and Fun, Genre-Bending Adventures

Image: Ilona Andrews, Artist: Doris M.

Genre: Urban fantasy/sci-fi


Clean Sweep: Dina is an Innkeeper. On the grounds of her inn, she’s incredibly powerful, able to bend reality to her will. But only on the grounds of her inn. It is her job to provide lodging to otherworldly visitors to Earth, protect her guests at all costs, and remain neutral in outside conflicts. But when animals begin dying around her neighborhood, Dina oversteps her bounds to get involved. (Preview.) Continue reading “Innkeeper Chronicles, and Fun, Genre-Bending Adventures”


Captain America: Civil War, the Choice Between Friendship and Morality

Image: Marvel via E! Online

Genre: Superhero

Synopsis: The Avengers reach a critical moment in their career. Most of the world’s governments are no longer comfortable with them operating independently, answering to no one. Especially when things go wrong. So the team is asked to submit themselves to the authority of the UN, deploying only when and where the UN chooses to deploy them. Continue reading “Captain America: Civil War, the Choice Between Friendship and Morality”

Erased: Crafting a Mystery Story That’s Deeply Personal

Image: via Crunchyroll

Genre: Mystery/Supernatural

Synopsis: When Satoru was a child, a kidnapper and killer went after several of his classmates. Those kids were never heard from again, and the case remained unsolved thereafter. Later, he learned he had an odd ability. Sometimes, something bad would happen, then he’d travel backwards in time just far enough that he could prevent it from happening. Then one day, something terrible happens. And he travels so far back in time, that he’s in elementary school again. Which can only mean one thing–whatever happens twenty years later can only be prevented if Satoru solves the mystery of his childhood, and saves his classmates. (Warning: This series has child abuse.) Continue reading “Erased: Crafting a Mystery Story That’s Deeply Personal”

Assorted Adventures of Critical Role

I know I’ve been talking about the Critical Role cast a lot lately, but they keep doing things! I’ve got to make an extra post just to keep up with all the cool stuff they’ve put out recently.

First, there’s the main Critical Role series, which airs live every Thursday and is prolific enough on its own that I’m probably overdue for another post on it. Then their crossover with Kinda Funny. And the stint they did on No Survivors, playing Paranoia alongside Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton. Continue reading “Assorted Adventures of Critical Role”

Six of Crows: A Discordant Group of Teens Pulling Off the Caper of Their Lives


Image: Leigh Bardugo

Genre: YA Fantasy

Synopsis: Kaz is in the upper echelons of a gang, biding his time until he can take revenge on a more established member of the criminal underworld. Then he’s contracted to perform an impossible job for a ridiculous amount of money–breaking a political prisoner out of another country’s stronghold. Failure is almost certain. But the job is just too tempting to pass up. Continue reading “Six of Crows: A Discordant Group of Teens Pulling Off the Caper of Their Lives”