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Rat Queens: A Fantasy Adventure Starring Unusual Heroes

Genre: Fantasy Synopsis: The Rat Queens are a rowdy adventuring band. They take on missions for money, get into bar brawls, and party hard. Also, they curse inventively. As much as they and the other adventurers in the town provide … Continue reading

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The 100’s Third Season: What Happened?

Image: The CW via Spoiler TV Genre: Post-apocalyptic, sci-fi Synopsis: S1: A nuclear war has left Earth uninhabitable, and the air on a spaceship containing remnants of the human race is running out. Out of desperation, those governing the spaceship … Continue reading

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Science in Media: Agent Carter Season 2’s Surprisingly Refreshing Points About the Nature of Experimentation

I recently spoke about my feelings on the second season in general, but the way this show thinks about science is worth its own post. Because in this regard, the show generally exceeded my expectations. Without further ado, the things … Continue reading

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Agent Carter Season 2: Not Bad, but Somewhat Gimmicky and Fumbles Representation

Genre: Sci-fi/Superhero/Historical Synopsis: Peggy Carter gets called out to LA to help handle a mysterious investigation, where a lake was frozen over and a body found. She teams up with her old friends Jarvis and Sousa, trying to unravel a … Continue reading

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