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The Brothers Sinister Series, and Struggling to Be Who You Are

Genre: Historical Romance Synopsis: The Duchess War: Minnie isn’t the person she’s pretending to be, and the last thing she can afford is for anyone to uncover the secrets of her childhood, or how she got the scar on her … Continue reading

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Traditional Fantasy Tropes I Can’t Stand, and What They Mean for The Shannara Chronicles TV Series

So first off, I love fantasy. And yet, upon hearing that, most people assume I’m a fan of the huge, big-name fantasies. The traditional stuff, the things that follow the common, most recognizable tropes. But that isn’t true. I like … Continue reading

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Bethesda Roundup: Skyrim and Fallout 3

These two games have a lot in common–not too surprising, as they’re both open world RPGs made by the same company. And ultimately, other than the differences between a fantasy and post-apocalyptic setting, they offer similar types of experiences. The … Continue reading

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Round-Up: Crimson Peak Redux and Questionable Content

Crimson Peak  Watching this movie for the second time was actually a much more enjoyable experience than watching it the first time–and I already liked it the first time. I love it now.

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