The Brothers Sinister Series, and Struggling to Be Who You Are

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Genre: Historical Romance


The Duchess War: Minnie isn’t the person she’s pretending to be, and the last thing she can afford is for anyone to uncover the secrets of her childhood, or how she got the scar on her cheek. But then the captain of the militia starts threatening to investigate suspicions he has about her background, unless the inflammatory handbills he’s convinced she’s writing to rile the local workers stop. There’s just one problem. She isn’t writing those handbills. Continue reading “The Brothers Sinister Series, and Struggling to Be Who You Are”


Traditional Fantasy Tropes I Can’t Stand, and What They Mean for The Shannara Chronicles TV Series

So first off, I love fantasy. And yet, upon hearing that, most people assume I’m a fan of the huge, big-name fantasies. The traditional stuff, the things that follow the common, most recognizable tropes. But that isn’t true. I like the non-traditional stuff, the works that avoid those most recognizable tropes. In some cases, I actively dislike some of the common, recurring themes in fantasy. That isn’t to say that these things are inherently bad in and of themselves–obviously they work for a lot of people–but they don’t work for me. Continue reading “Traditional Fantasy Tropes I Can’t Stand, and What They Mean for The Shannara Chronicles TV Series”

Bethesda Roundup: Skyrim and Fallout 3

These two games have a lot in common–not too surprising, as they’re both open world RPGs made by the same company. And ultimately, other than the differences between a fantasy and post-apocalyptic setting, they offer similar types of experiences.

The games don’t have deep characterization or detailed plots, so much as you go around in the world, meet a lot of people–generally never getting to know them beyond some surface details–and complete missions. There’s often not much variability in how you can complete these missions, though sometimes there is. But the point is the freedom to go out and explore the world, doing what you want when you want. Continue reading “Bethesda Roundup: Skyrim and Fallout 3”