Roundup: The Winter Long, and LARP S2

The Winter Long

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I realized I forgot to review this book, and the next one’s already out. How did I forget to write about this book for a year?

Genre: Urban fantasy

Synopsis: Toby Daye is a changeling, half-fey and half-human. She started off the series disconnected and aimless, a result of the years she lost due to a spell cast on her by her enemies. She’s come a long way since them, becoming a hero of the realm, someone people count on. She’s amassed a dedicated group of friends, and lost others. And now, she’s about to find out that much of what she’s believed isn’t true. There has been one huge enemy lurking in the background for a while, influencing things behind the scenes. Toby needs to find out not just who that is, but how to defeat someone with that much power–while learning who she can and can’t rely on.

Series: Book 8 in the Toby Daye series.

POV: First person.

We finally get to meet a character that we’d heard about for a while now, and had a chance to make impressions of based on what we knew he’d done and who his allies were. And the reality of him turns out to be quite different from the ideas we–and Toby–have formed. So that’s pretty cool.

This is a growing up book for Toby, in a way. She’s had people in her life who were pretty much her family as a child, and now’s getting to see these people stripped of the illusions she’s had about them. She gets to see what it’s like to be around them as an adult, with the reality of their connection becoming more clear. And, of course, she experiences the feeling of knowing that the adults who have been an essential part her formative years had entire lives and histories before she was ever born–in this case, hundreds of years of history. Their relationship with everyone she knows is weighted with the interactions they’ve had for all that time, and we’ve seen hints of that before, but here, the consequences of this are shining bright.

This is thus also the book where Toby steps further away from her childhood, and connects with people as adults. And realizes that this can be a very different thing from the family you grew up with.

I really appreciated this book especially, and as ever, I’m a huge fan of the series.

LARPS Season 2

Synopsis: The show follows (fictional) snippets of the lives of a group of LARP players–both in-game and out.

Series: Second season is airing.

I’ve Watched: Up to episode 5, season 2.

Verdict: Good.

The second season of this web series is coming out, and I really like it–it’s also improved since that first season. Seeing the characters engaging with the storytelling process, and what their characters end up meaning to them, is where the heart of the show is. It’s Arthur not being able to let go of his long running character, and Evan explaining that there isn’t a wrong or right way to play. It’s each of the characters mentally reinterpreting the same scene according to their experience of it, and letting the audience cinematically see what stands out to each person. It’s a love of what they’re doing, even despite the different ways they see it and things they try to get out of it.

And the episode where the crew, used to playing in a straight hero-journey fantasy, walked into a steampunk game, was pretty entertaining. So, I’m enjoying it.


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