Marvel’s Jessica Jones: Messed Up Characters in Messed Up Situations

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Synopsis: Jessica Jones had wanted to be a hero once. That was before Kilgrave, a man with the power to control minds, found her. Now that she thinks he’s dead, she’s trying to put her life together while dealing with her PTSD and trying to make a living as a PI. A cynical, trash talking, overly-violent PI who isolates herself from the people around her, but one who gets the job done. Until she finds out Kilgrave isn’t dead, and he’s coming for her, hurting other people along the way. And Jessica finds that battered part of her that had once wanted to help people, in order to find the courage to face him. Continue reading “Marvel’s Jessica Jones: Messed Up Characters in Messed Up Situations”


The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 (Yes, Part ONE), Characters Holding Themselves Together


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Genre: Dystopian/Sci-fi

Synopsis: Katniss Everdeen survived the sadistic Hunger Games twice, unwittingly lighting the spark of revolution along the way. The Capitol’s President has responded to every slight challenge with violence or the threat thereof, finally culminating in the complete destruction of a district. Now Katniss, still reeling from the deaths and the capture of several of her friends, must become the face of the revolution. Because everyone is already looking to her. Continue reading “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 (Yes, Part ONE), Characters Holding Themselves Together”

Roundup: The Winter Long, and LARP S2

The Winter Long

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I realized I forgot to review this book, and the next one’s already out. How did I forget to write about this book for a year?

Genre: Urban fantasy

Synopsis: Toby Daye is a changeling, half-fey and half-human. She started off the series disconnected and aimless, a result of the years she lost due to a spell cast on her by her enemies. She’s come a long way since them, becoming a hero of the realm, someone people count on. She’s amassed a dedicated group of friends, and lost others. And now, she’s about to find out that much of what she’s believed isn’t true. There has been one huge enemy lurking in the background for a while, influencing things behind the scenes. Toby needs to find out not just who that is, but how to defeat someone with that much power–while learning who she can and can’t rely on. Continue reading “Roundup: The Winter Long, and LARP S2”

The Originals: Klaus Being His Usual Divisive Self, and Fluctuating Representation

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Genre: Supernatural

Synopsis: A family of thousand year old vampires returns to their former home, New Orleans, becoming embroiled in the power struggles between vampires, witches, and werewolves. The head of the house is the paranoid, erratic, and controlling Klaus–a force to be reckoned with for his allies as well as his enemies, and a newly expecting father (poor kid). The rest of our protagonists have to navigate his moods while trying to protect their own, and bonds holding Klaus and his family together are tested to limit, often by his own actions in the pursuit of his goals. Continue reading “The Originals: Klaus Being His Usual Divisive Self, and Fluctuating Representation”