Pilot Season: Blindspot Has Some Potential

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Synopsis: A woman (Jane) is found with tattoos covering her body, each one with some hidden meaning, possibly related to a crime-in-progress. One of those tattoos has the name of an FBI agent–Kurt Weller–and no one knows why. She can’t remember anything about who she is, where she learned her skills, or why this might have been done to her. Continue reading “Pilot Season: Blindspot Has Some Potential”


Science in Media: Eureka’s Strange Ideas About Intelligence

It’s been a while since I’ve watched Eureka, a sci-fi series about a community of mad scientists, but I found a few notes I’d made about the show and never posted, so this might be a good time to address some of the weird misconceptions. Note that I did really like this show while I was watching it, and it wasn’t the technical stuff that threw me out of the story (because sci-fi) but rather the ideas about how being a scientist or an intellectual in general worked. Continue reading “Science in Media: Eureka’s Strange Ideas About Intelligence”

Dragon Age: Inquisition’s Trespasser DLC Fantastically Concludes the Inquisition’s Story

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Genre: Fantasy RPG

Synopsis: 2 years after the Inquisition won it’s great battle and saved the world, said world is causing its purpose into question. Now amidst the rise of a new threat to the world, the direction the Inquisition will take in the future must be decided. Meanwhile, the Inquisitor revisits old friends and learns about this new coming threat. Continue reading “Dragon Age: Inquisition’s Trespasser DLC Fantastically Concludes the Inquisition’s Story”

The Words of Radiance, Featuring the Wild Card of the Stormlight Archives

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Genre: Epic Fantasy

Synopsis: As some cataclysmic event most don’t even know the nature of threatens, powers long lost to legend are making it back into this world. Among the wielders are Shallan, a young scholar with a surprising talent for intelligence gathering and a hidden past, who must put together the clues about what the world is facing and find a way to put that knowledge to use. Kaladin, an apprentice surgeon-turned-soldier-turned-slave-turned-officer with a hero-complex, who must decide who he is and which battles he’s going to fight. And Dalinar, formerly a vicious warrior who now seeks to become a more just and worthy leader, who must bring his people together to face the oncoming threat. Continue reading “The Words of Radiance, Featuring the Wild Card of the Stormlight Archives”