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Pilot Season: Blindspot Has Some Potential

Synopsis: A woman (Jane) is found with tattoos covering her body, each one with some hidden meaning, possibly related to a crime-in-progress. One of those tattoos has the name of an FBI agent–Kurt Weller–and no one knows why. She can’t … Continue reading

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Science in Media: Eureka’s Strange Ideas About Intelligence

It’s been a while since I’ve watched Eureka, a sci-fi series about a community of mad scientists, but I found a few notes I’d made about the show and never posted, so this might be a good time to address … Continue reading

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Dragon Age: Inquisition’s Trespasser DLC Fantastically Concludes the Inquisition’s Story

Genre: Fantasy RPG Synopsis: 2 years after the Inquisition won it’s great battle and saved the world, said world is causing its purpose into question. Now amidst the rise of a new threat to the world, the direction the Inquisition will … Continue reading

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The Words of Radiance, Featuring the Wild Card of the Stormlight Archives

Genre: Epic Fantasy Synopsis: As some cataclysmic event most don’t even know the nature of threatens, powers long lost to legend are making it back into this world. Among the wielders are Shallan, a young scholar with a surprising talent … Continue reading

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