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Killjoys, and Actually Progressing the Plot (TV still does that?)

Synopsis: Dutch and John are bounty hunters. But as much as they’d like to get back to business as usual, John’s brother getting a kill order put on him involves them in his problems, and Dutch’s mysterious past is starting … Continue reading

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Dragon Age: Inquisition, The Descent DLC is pretty but nothing special

Genre: Fantasy RPG Synopsis: The Inquisition is called down into the Deep Roads to help the dwarves of Orzammar secure their lyrium mines. Something deep in the stone is causing destructive earthquakes, something long forgotten, and it will take someone of … Continue reading

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The Way of Kings, Captivating Epic Fantasy with Endearing Characters

Genre: Epic Fantasy Synopsis: A tenuous apocalyptic event is on the horizon, but few people have any hint that it’s even coming. As events slowly begin to unfold for the worse, Kaladin, a young soldier who’s lost too much, struggles … Continue reading

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Vikings, and how much I despise Ragnar Lothbrok

Synopsis: The overly ambitious Ragnar Lothbrok rises through the ranks of society and leads his people in plundering England.

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