Roundup: Istas and Ryan stories, Spellslingers, Civ 5

Istas and Ryan: “Red as Snow”, “Black as Blood”, “White as a Raven’s Wing”

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Genre: Urban Fantasy

Synopsis: Istas and Ryan are an odd couple, and it’s easier to make it work when they don’t have to deal with their families. Though at least Ryan is close to his–Istas comes from a brutal people, and when her family gets involved, violence and death tends to follow… Continue reading “Roundup: Istas and Ryan stories, Spellslingers, Civ 5”


Crimson Bound: Fairy-tale Retellings, and not becoming a monster

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Genre: YA fairy tale retelling

Synopsis: Rachelle is one of the few who knows and believes that the Devourer, and old evil defeated by the legendary twins Tyr and Zisa, is soon returning. Believing that it’s her responsibility to do something, to find out how to defeat this, she makes a mistake. Continue reading “Crimson Bound: Fairy-tale Retellings, and not becoming a monster”

Red Queen, and Playing Expectations Against the Audience

Genre: YA dystopian fantasy

Synopsis: There are two kinds of people, Reds and Silvers, distinguishable by the color of their blood. And by the powers that the latter wield. Silvers make up the upper echelon of society, keeping Reds under their control and using them as cannon fodder in their war effort. To make things more interesting, the anonymous Scarlet Guard has taken it upon themselves to be the vanguard of what they hope will become an uprising by the Reds. Continue reading “Red Queen, and Playing Expectations Against the Audience”

Syfy’s New Shows: Killjoys and Dark Matter


Synopsis: Dutch and John are bounty hunters. But as much as they’d like to get back to business as usual, John’s brother getting a kill order put on him involves them in his problems, and Dutch’s mysterious past is starting to catch up to her. The powder-keg political situation back home isn’t particularly promising, either. So the team’s probably going to have to tackle some unusual, and personal, circumstances in the near future. Continue reading “Syfy’s New Shows: Killjoys and Dark Matter”

Sense 8: The Good, The Bad, and How It’s Ultimately Worth Watching

Borrowed from tunefind.comGenre: Sci-fi/Drama

 Synopsis: Eight people all born on the same day are suddenly connected to each other, able to communicate across great distances and access each others’ skills. As they learn to use this connection, they’re being hunted by a powerful organization. But it’s really all about who they are, and how they lean on each other, and how they learn from each other. Continue reading “Sense 8: The Good, The Bad, and How It’s Ultimately Worth Watching”